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SFCR - Screenflex Partition Panel Options

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A. FREEstanding CABINET Beautiful 6'-5" wood grain cabinet equipped with markerboard, adjustable shelves and large work surface. MultiUnit Connectors on both sides allow for easy attachment of similarly equipped FREEstanding Room Divider of any height or length to create "The Most Versatile Classroom."
B. DOOR Access any room easily with the door. Self closing door swings both "in" and "out." Available in 6 heights and any offered fabric color, the Door can also be equipped with Window if desired.
C. WINDOW See "what's going on" with the Window. 10" x 10" clear plexiglass window with black powder painted metal frame is mounted in the center of any panel or Door with the top of the Window 66" above the floor.
F. MULTI UNIT CONNECTOR Set of chrome plated sash latches installed on the end frames of a FREEstanding Room Divider. Utilized to create dividers of any length. *Also utilized to mount the Door.
G. WALL FRAME Once installed on a wall, you can attach your FREEstanding Room Divider, or the Door to this innovative option. Fourteen gauge powder painted steel frame is equipped with MultiUnit Connectors.
H. PANELOCK When you need to utilize your room dividers for long term use, entire semesters, office cubicles, etc., Panelocks are the answer. A simple twist of the rubber coated knob locks the panels at any angle.
I. CHALKBOARD Increase the efficiency of your classroom by adding a 36" x 42" movable Chalkboard. Painted green surface on 1/4" tempered hardboard makes writing easy. Adjustable aluminum strap hangers make installation remarkably simple.
J. WHITE MARKERBOARD Make classrooms complete with the movable 36" x 42" white Markerboard. Melamine surface on 1/4" tempered hardboard makes writing easy while adjustable strap hangers make installation incredibly simple.