New York Office Furniture

Ace Office Systems in New York is a leading supplier of Display and Presentation office furniture, carrying only top quality designs which are modern and affordable.

Welcome to the New York online office furniture warehouse! Ace Office Systems has earned a reputation for being a great source for office and school furniture. At Ace, they work hard to please and fill the needs of each individual client. With an excellent selection of furniture and affordable prices that keep customers coming back, Ace is the place to shop for office furniture.

The New York warehouse carries a full range of office furniture from high end to budget conscious, avoiding inferior brands and products. You can be assured that you will receive only quality merchandise.

Perhaps your business is considering updating your reception area. Ace carries office reception furniture to reflect the nature of your business. Reception office furniture can be as important as the business itself, as it is often the first impression that clients have of your firm. If the clients waiting for you are not comfortable, they will not wait around to meet you if they have to wait longer than the usual time. Make sure they are exceptionally comfortable in your reception area, with seating designed to make waiting less of an inconvenience.

Ace Office Systems in New York is a leading supplier of Display and Presentation office furniture, carrying only top quality designs which are modern and affordable. The display and presentation furniture, such as display cases, enclosed bulletin boards, display panels and portable display booths are used by offices for various purposes. You can easily assemble and dismantle these portable display booths in only a few seconds to store and carry around.

The display case at the reception area is a great way to showcase your business achievements and impress your guests and other visitors. Other than using the display panel to attract attention and increase sales, it can also function as a divider panel. When the need arises to separate an area for privacy, use the Free Standing Panel. These Panels are also available with Casters, which makes the Partition Panel mobile. Panels come with a variety of useful surfaces, such as Markerboard Surface, Cork Surface and Vinyl Surface. If your New York Office is not currently using this type of furniture, it would be of great benefit to your company to invest in one or more items.

Beautifully designed furniture is surely going to enhance the complete look of your office and create a motivating environment for employees thus increasing the productivity level. Ace office system understands the importance of having a comfortable setting and professional working environment and therefore, all Ace products are uniquely designed keeping all of these aspects in mind. You can view the entire inventory from Ace’s New York warehouse of office furniture by visiting

For affordable office furniture for every room in your business, from executive offices to employee work-stations, to conference rooms and reception areas, Ace Office Systems has what you’re looking for- all in one location. To speak with a furniture expert from Ace, please call 866-964-8457. You’re going to be glad you shopped at Ace- where it’s all in one location, and within your budget.