1903  Fire Commander Series Safe by Phoenix

1903 - Fire Commander Series Safe by Phoenix

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1903 Fire Commander Series Safe
1903 Fire Commander Series Safe by Phoenix
Tough Protection From The hottest fires
Fire Commander offers two-hour fire protection at temperatures above 1850°F, Protects many types of digital media
  • 2 hours fire protection at temperatures over 1850°F.
  • 1 Hour MTC-Grade B Protection for CDs,DVDs,USBs and Memory Sticks
  • User friendly Digital Electronic Locks that are easy to program to user's own code.
  • Complete with lockable 2 drawers and 3 shelves.
  • Safes are designed to prevent water damage caused by fire hoses and sprinklers.
  • Theft-prevention features rated for normal security
  • Withstands typical amounts of debris that fall during a fire.
  • Explosion-tested designed to withstand temperature blasts of up to 2000°F!
  • Free, lifetime After-a-Fire Replacement warranty
  • External : 66"H x 47"W x 27"D                                                    Internal : 59"H x 37"W x 19"D                                                Weight : 1,300 lbs. Cubic Cap : 24.12 cu.

  • Accessories : 3 Shelves, 2 Drawers